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About Me

Flanel - atelier

Ellen Van Eccelpoel is a Belgium-based graphic and interior designer.

Seven years ago she started her own accessory label flanel with a collection of scarves, silver jewelry and clothes made of silk and cashmere.

As her fascination and appreciation for details, materials and craftmanship grew, she decided to raise it up to a higher level.

She started to follow a course of maroquinerie, which soon resulted in the first collection of flanel leather bags.

Inspired by time and with the support of her teacher, her aim is to create a perfect accessory.

After designing a shape, she makes a pattern and chooses the perfect type of leather for each model. Every bag is unique, made by hand in her own Antwerp atelier.

I believe in making everything once, maybe twice if I really like it.

A flanel handbag is the finishing touch for a female and timeless silhouette.

For more details, pictures and orders feel welcome on the flanel page: www.facebook.com/flanelaccessoriesandclothing.



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